About Us


Key Biotec, a division of Key Capital Corporation (OTC: KCPC), has partnered with Immunitor interests to further develop its patented oral tableted immunotherapeutic products. Key Biotec has the exclusive license for Immunitor immunotherapeutics in North, Central and South America (excluding Canada), the EU (excluding UK), Australia and New Zealand (the “Territory”).

For information about Key Capital see: https://keycapitalcorp.com

Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision is to realize the disruptive potential of the novel patented Immunitor oral tableting platform. To achieve this by progressively attaining regulatory approvals for immunotherapeutics and subject to these approvals, being able to offer disease treatment options that promise improved outcomes, particularly in cases of late stage and terminal disease cases.   

Global Need

Around 35 million people die each year from non-communicable diseases, and 10 million from contagious diseases or viruses. The growing disease burden however is the approximate 2 billion adults with a chronic disease and one in three adults having multiple chronic conditions.   

Immunitor oral pill immunotherapeutics providing affordable, effective, safe, and easily administered treatments for disease, and therapeutic vaccines for infectious disease or viral threats (subject to regulatory approvals) would represent a significant industry breakthrough that could positively impact the global disease burden.

According to WHO there are 16 billion injections administered annually, around 800 million for immunization and some 14 billion to administer medicines, with comment by WHO “In many cases these injections are unnecessary or could be replaced by oral medication.”

Oral Tableted Immunotherapeutics

Over the past 20 years, Immunitor, our licensor, has firmly established the science supporting its immunotherapeutics and its patented oral pill delivery advantages by developing and testing 23 products for the treatment of many infectious and malignant diseases. In clinical studies and limited public use these products have demonstrated superior safety and efficacy in late stage cancers, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and many other conditions.

The patented Immunitor oral pill platform technology has the potential to ultimately provide for world-wide equitable access to safe and better disease treatment options, and virus and infection vaccines.

Finally, overcoming the challenges of delivering immunotherapeutics to the gut mucosa/microbiome through oral pill administration, without digestive degradation of the therapeutic active(s) is potentially transformative for the effective treatment of infectious and malignant diseases. The gut mucosa/microbiome where the majority of our immune cells reside, represents the body’s primary immunity defense and major controlling factors of the body immune system, as well as being a most desirable site for most medical treatment or therapy.