The Science

Oral Pill Therapeutics

The Immunitor oral pill immunotherapeutics stimulate the immunological system of the host, especially in situations in which it is insufficiently capable to develop an effective response to the cause of the disease. Immunitor products are orally administered, survive gastrointestinal degradation, with a site of action in the mucosa and microbiome of the human gut.

Oral Delivery

Around 14 billion medicine administrations, and another 800 million vaccinations, annually are by needle injection. Immunitor, our licensor partner is the world’s first company to have successfully developed oral pill immunotherapeutic products for multiple disease treatments that in clinical studies over the past 20 years have been shown to be effective and safe.

Mucosal Immunity

Almost all infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites) enter the host through mucous membranes; and the body’s major disease and infection defense is centered in the gut mucosa/microbiome. Therefore, to optimize disease or infection treatments or management, delivery of safe and effective immunotherapy agents to the gut mucosa/microbiome is essential to activate and/or modulate maximum natural immune response and/or protection against transmitted pathogens. This is because the gastrointestinal tract, the body’s largest mucosal surface, contains the majority of the body’s antigen-presenting immune cells, as well as important lymphocytes, all of which are the body’s major effector cells of the gut mucosal immune system.  When induced by mucosal antigens, the systemic mucosal and cell-mediated immune responses are elicited to result in effective responses to attack invading pathogens and diseased malignant cells.  

Immune Tolerance

Research supports that oral pill immunotherapy may benefit from the phenomenon of tolerance, particularly in diseases characterized by overdriven immune response, e.g. allergies, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc. Some viral and bacterial infections also provoke inflammatory immune reaction. Theoretically, prophylaxis and treatment of these infections could benefit from tolerance induction. Immunitor has demonstrated this through their clinical studies of oral pill immunotherapeutics against cancers, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, influenza, and other diseases with remarkable therapeutic results and potential prophylactic benefit.

Immune Overinduction and Cytokine Storm

Pathogenic viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, pandemic influenza, and Ebola can cause fatal diseases in humans, by hijacking the host’s immune system to overact and causing a hyper production of harmful cytokine levels in the body. The ability of these viruses to induce this condition, also commonly known as cytokine storm, if not treated, can lead to severe multiple organ failures, and often result in death. The use of oral immunotherapeutics is less likely to induce adverse immune reactions such as cytokine storm. Immunitor late-stage clinical studies have confirmed that the immunotherapeutics reduce infection-associated inflammatory responses.      

The Gut Mucosa/Microbiome is Crucial for Health

The gut microbiome is crucial to health and consists of trillions of cells of around 1,000 species of bacteria of which most are critical to health, as by communicating with immune cells, the gut microbiome controls how our immune system functions and communicates with the brain, and coordinates response to disease threats, infection, and inflammation.  In simple terms, gut health is essential for whole body health.

The gut intestinal mucosa, where the body immunomodulatory cells predominantly reside, is a vital part of the microbiome immune system and is responsible for most of the body’s immune response. It acts as the intermediary by which gut microbiota affect both physiological and pathological properties, thereby controlling our body immunity and inflammation responses.

As a core process of immunity and health our gut and brain coordinate massively complex interactions through a physical and biochemical network of around 100 billion brain neurons and 500 million gut neurons, as well as physically through millions of nerves of which the vagus nerve is the largest, directly connecting the gut and the brain.

Through this complex networked process, the gut, and its microbes:

  • Are integral to our immune function
  • Control inflammation
  • Make many compounds essential for brain health
  • Control digestion – what is absorbed and what is excreted
  • Metabolize bile acids and amino acids that produce many other natural compounds essential to and affecting brain health and how the brain works
  • Produce short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate, propionate, and acetate
  • Produce gamma-aminobutyric acid neurotransmitters which help control fear and anxiety
  • Produce serotonin neurotransmitters which help manage the body clock and contribute to mood management and feelings of happiness
  • Are responsible for many other critical functions and interactions


Immunitor oral tableted immunotherapeutics have demonstrated they can successfully treat disease and/or viral or bacterial infection through activation and optimization of the body immune system through its gut mucosa and microbiome. The resultant potential for provision of oral pill immunotherapeutics with superior performance, major cost benefits (both development and consumer), improved safety through avoidance of undesirable immune effects such as cytokine storm and autoimmune conditions, and enhanced efficacy could be dramatic as well as game changing.